Give mouth ulcers protective cover

When you have a mouth ulcer, food and drink can irritate the area and intensify the pain. That’s why Iglu Gel and Iglu Rapid Relief Gel have a unique formulation specially designed with bio-adhesive technology to make them stay where they are put to protect the ulcer.

Both gels stick fast over the ulcer forming a physical protective and soothing barrier that doesn’t slide off.

Their two active ingredients provide added pain relief and fight infection.

They shield the ulcer to help speed up the healing process.

Alternatively, there’s Iglu Sugar Free Pastilles that dissolve slowly in the mouth for soothing antiseptic relief from mouth ulcers. Or for dental brace wearers, there’s non-medicated Iglu Protect which is designed to help prevent ulcers forming in the first place (and can also provide effective relief if they do occur).

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Mouth ulcer treatments

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Mouth ulcer treatment

Mouth ulcers can be irritating and painful. However, understanding the problem can help you choose the most suitable Iglu treatment.

Mouth ulcers are
very common

Over 20% of us will suffer from mouth ulcers at some point in our lives.

You can't catch
them by kissing

Or even by sharing drinks and utensils. That’s because mouth ulcers aren’t caused by an infection.

Make healthy

Try not to let yourself get run-down – a healthy lifestyle could make you less prone to mouth ulcers. Unfortunately though, many trigger factors are not within our control - so it's important to know how to treat mouth ulcers when we do get them.

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